Work With Me

I can pinpoint what YOUR BUSINESS needs to BUILD A STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE, and create an easy to follow strategy. You will get clarity, more conversions and build authority in your fields.

What do I offer?

Web Design and Online Marketing Strategies – for SMALL businesses with BIG DREAMS

I offer STRATEGY for and MANAGEMENT of ONLINE PRESENCE for small business. This means that I can build your website, create your branding and social media accounts. BUT UNDERSTAND that without proper KEYWORD research and a clear strategy, these efforts WON’T HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 

So what does that mean in practice?

What do I ACTUALLY do?


  1. We take a look at your business from above. You tell me what your goals are, what you want to change and what does not work.
  2. Then we go through your current real estate; do you have a website already? Which social media channels do you use/want to use? Do you have an email list etc.
  3. I do an audit of your existing real estate and research on your market. This will take a couple of days
  4. I will present you with a strategy, and suggestions of what needs to be done. For example:
    1. A website redesign
    2. Sharpen up your branding
    3. Recommend which Social media channels you ACTUALLY NEED and a strategy for marketing your business on those platforms. 


From this strategy we can proceed into the actual work phase. 

How can I help you?

I am a web designer and an online marketer, with a lot of experience with Web Design, WordPress, Google Services, SEO tools, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.,
I CAN BUILD, CREATE and MANAGE most aspects of YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE – I offer all round solutions for small businesses with big dreams.

The offer will SUIT YOUR NEEDS.
All depending on the current state of your business and your abilities within the digital world, and the speed in which you want things to happen.

IN SHORT – I offer 

  1. Audit and Strategy  
  2. The actual work:
    Building and creating websites, social media channels, brading, setup with google services, email marketing
  3. Maintenance of those platforms:
    Including organic marketing management and facebook ads 


What I do not?

*I do not write the copy or create your content, but offer guidance and management of it in corporation with you.


Signing up with me, is signing up for a work relationship. We will lay out a strategy, and have the common goal in mind of improving YOUR BUSINESS and revenue. Within the strategy and the offer, it will be clear what needs to be done and WHO IS responsible for what.
Throughout the project/s I will make sure that we keep the timeline and keep you updated on the progress.  

We will need to be in ongoing contact around your online presence for it to be successful. 

In the workflow there are different modes

  1. Consultation – conversation, research and audits. This process consists of a Discovery meeting, a period for conducting research and a final consultation meeting.
    We will agree on a timeline for the process
  2. Projects –  e.g building a website, configuring Google My business, creating branding across your social media channels etc. – which requires ongoing contact between you and me: definition of the project, gathering of content and info for integrations and approvals/corrections sessions.
    We will agree on a tasklist and timeline
  3. Maintenance – e.g website maintenance, posting to your website and social media accounts, organic and paid marketing, email list management – if you sign up for maintenance in any of these areas we will have weekly and sometime daily contact around updates, content creation and current issues.
    We will agree on a monthly retainer and what it contains  

Projects can be a part of a monthly retainer included in maintenance, or a one time fee.