Download ALL Images from a Facebook Page

I have found this article, that describes how to download ALL IMAGES from your Facebook page, and I show you here in this video how I followed the steps and in less than 5 minutes had all the images from a Facebook page in a file on my computer.

I use this tip when I need to build a new site, and the client says “just use images from my Fakebook Page”, or if they are really slow in sending in images to use on the site. I prefer using their own images in the build, instead of Stock/dummy image for it is so much more relatable for the client and will give a better direction for the design as well.

I do need to ask to become Admin of the clients Facebook page for a little veil.

When you have admin status of a Facebook page follow these steps.

  1. Click on “Settings” >> “General”
  2. Find “Download page” almost at the and click “edit”
  3. Click “download page”
  4. Under “Your Information” click “Deselect all”
  5. Go down to the button of the list and select “Photos and Videos”
  6. Go back up and click the blue button “Create file”
  7. Wait for Facebook notification “The copy of XXXX is ready” >> click it
  8. Scroll down and click “Download”
  9. A zip file will now be downloaded to your computer with all the images
  10. Extract and use

I will normally run the images through an online optimizing service such as or, and of course rename the file, before uploading them to my WordPress website.

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