Web Design and Online Marketing Strategies

for SMALL businesses with BIG DREAMS

Hi, I am Helle

I can pinpoint what YOUR BUSINESS needs to BUILD A STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE, and create an easy to follow strategy. You will get clarity, more conversions and build authority in your fields

Web Design & Social Media Icons

You Need Online Presence, but...

There are SO MANY Social Media Channels and Website Services available, and they ALL CLAIM, that they are the best for creating you online sales and fame.

So where to start?

BUILDING A STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE REQUIRES STRATEGY. But when you have the strategy down, all it takes is to build it and maintain it.


How can I help you?

I am a web designer and an online marketer, experienced with Web Design, WordPress, Google Services, SEO tools, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. I offer all round solutions for small businesses with big dreams.


> The Consult

“Tell me your pains and your dreams” – I will help you answer the following questions

    1. What does your business need to thrive online?
    2. Which services/channels are really necessary to reach your audience?
    3. Are you able to manage your online presence by yourself?
    4. Where should you use your energy?
    5. I will conduct a Website and Social Media Audit

> The strategy

We will draw out a strategy for your online presence

    1. Outline what needs to be done, added or subtracted from your current real estate?
    2. Suggestions of ways that can get the job done
    3. You will receive a report and an offer for a future partnership

> The Work

Time, money and responsibility

Whether you choose a single service, a package deal or a monthly maintenance program, I will write out a timeline for the project we both can agree on. You must provide the content e.g. text and images for the project on time.

Because of the different levels of complexity different businesses will approach me with, it is impossible to create a static pricing list for my service. However, I will add a minimum price / price range here in the list of services I provide.

Meeting about web design and social marketing

A website is your ONLY unique space on the web, and the only true place to measure if your ONLINE efforts are worth veil. Your social media channels and SEO are streams, leading clients to your website where sales, leads and interactions can be measured and translated into cash.